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Applicator License Fees
In 1993, legislative changes in the Montana Pesticide Act resulted in increased fees for the private applicator license (farm license).  The new fee for each re-certifying applicator during the five-year recertification period following 1993 is $50.00.  The $50.00 is distributed in the following manner: 
  • $15.00 (30%) to Montana Department of Agriculture for administration.
  • $15.00 (30%) to fund the waste pesticides and pesticide container disposal program.
  • $20.00 (40%) to Montana State University Extension Service broken down as follows:
              $5.00 (10%) to the Pesticide Education Office at MSU
              15.00 (30%) to the county extension office in which the private applicator resides. This money is used to           support pesticide certification and training programs conducted in those counties.           
Private applicator funds can be used by PAT coordinators if the equipment purchased is to be used for pesticide-related presentations or for pesticide applicator training more than 50% of the time.  Anything less than 50% and the pesticide fees may pay for a portion of the purchase.  For example, if the county is going to use a laptop computer 80% of the time for day-to-day office work and 20% of the time for pesticide education uses, the pesticide applicator fund may pay 20% of the costs.  Pesticide applicator funds can also be used to rent meeting space, travel to pesticide-related meetings, purchase pesticide-related educational materials, travel and per diem reimbursement for speakers at pesticide-related training events and speaker fees. Pesticide applicator funds:
  • CANNOT be used to purchase ATV's or other vehicles unless those vehicles will be used 50% of the time for pesticide TRAINING purposes.
  • CANNOT be used to purchase herbicides or pesticide applicator equipment unless that equipment will be used 50% of the time for pesticide TRAINING purposes
  • CANNOT be used to fund travel to meetings unless 50% of the presentations attended are related to pesticide use.
  • CANNOT be used to purchase alcohol!
Who is eligible to use private pesticide applicator fees? Any county Extension office or those working under their delegated authority may utilize private pesticide applicator funds that are available to their respective county or counties. Tribal extension agents may also qualify to use county PAT funds through cooperation of the coninciding county Extension office.

How can I request pesticide applicator funds? Only PAT coordinators can request and use pesticide applicator funds. See all PAT fund instructions at PAT FUNDS. PAT coordinators must submit a BPA to their regional Extension director only after PAT expenditures are finalized and receipts are in hand. A BPA, receipts and invoice should be forwarded to the MSU Extension regional director for signature. The Regional Department Head will forward the approved document to Sandra Rahn-Gibson, Budget & Fiscal Director.

Proration of the $50.00 fee. The $50.00 fee can be prorated over the 5 year recertification cycle.  For example, an initial applicator paying their fees during the 2nd year of the cycle would pay $40.00.  The payment in the 3rd year would be $30.00 and so forth.


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