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> MSU Pesticide Safety Education Program
Pesticide Education Videos

MSU PSEP Video Collection:

The MSU PSEP videos are tools for Extension Agents & Other PAT Coordinators. .

arrow   Consumer Interests
    Consumer Perception of Risk (26 minutes)
    Risk of Pesticides in the Food Chain (26 minutes)
    Vegetable Garden Pest Management (17 minutes)
    Circle of Food Safely (17 minutes)
    Safe Pesticide Use for Homeowners (14 minutes)
arrow   Integrated Pest Management
    IPM Harnessing the Knowledge (14 minutes)
    IPM in Agriculture (29 minutes)
    Field Scouting (25 minutes)
    Proactive Pest Management (24 minutes)
    Staging Small Grains (19 minutes)
arrow   Laws, Labels and Regulations
    Understanding Pesticide Labels (13 minutes)
    Pesticide Laws & Regulations (8 minutes)
    Pesticide Laws & the Farm Applicator (16 minutes)
arrow   Pest Information
    Managing Prairie Dogs in MT (23 minutes)
    Biology & Control of Richardson Ground Squirrel (23 minutes)
    Managing Richardson Ground Squirrles in MT (24 minutes)
    Managing Colombian Ground Squirrel in MT (22 minutes)
    Pest Control Methods (22 minutes)
    The Russian Wheat Aphid in MT (22 minutes)
    Managing Rangeland Weeds (18 minutes)
    Biological Control of Weeds in MT (17 minutes)
    Monitoring Knapweed (18 minutes)
    Biological Wildfire for Weeds (15 minutes)
arrow   Pesticide Application
    Handling & Mixing Pesticides (9 minutes)
    Pesticide Action, Method of Application (15 minutes)
    Calibrating Your Field Sprayer (13 minutes)
    Minimizing Spray Drift (30 minutes)
    Using Pesticides Safely (12 minutes)
    Equipment Calibration & Application (10 minutes)
arrow   Pesticides in the Environment & Water
    Cereal Herbicide Resistance (18 minutes)
    Endangered Species & Pesticides (13 minutes)
    Fate of Pesticides in the Environment (24 minutes)
    Protecting MT Groundwater (29 minutes)
    Farm Chemicals & Water Quality (18 minutes)
    Water Quality & Agrichemicals in MT (16 minutes)
    Preventing Water Contamination (17 minutes)
arrow   Pesticide Poisoning and Safety
    Pesticide Safety & First Aid (11 minutes)
    Pesticide Protection (14 minutes)
    Working Safely With Pesticides (18 minutes)
    Be Prepared Just in Case (12 minutes)
    Reducing Pesticide Risks (50 minutes)
    Pesticide Safety in the Greenhouse (21 minutes)
    Pesticide Safety in the Landscape (30 minutes)
    Tordon: Turn Around, Look Around (18 minutes)
    Signs & Symptoms of Pesticide Poisoning (12 minutes)
    Pesticide Storage Exposure & First Aid (10 minutes)
    Pesticide Container Rinsing (ACRC)
    Storage & Disposal of Pesticides (15 minutes)
    What the Weary Ones Wear (18 minutes)
    Laundering Contaminated Clothing (9 minutes)

Online Videos:

Windows Media Player is needed to view the online videos below.

arrow   Worker Protection Standards
arrow   Laws, Labels and Regulations
arrow   Pesticide Safety

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