Release Date Article
03/12/2019 Paraquat Training Available for Pesticide Applicators
01/15/2019 Regional Initial Private Applicator Trainings offered across Montana in 2019.
11/26/2018 Last Change Private Applicator Credit Opportunities offered in North-Western Montana
10/18/2018 Paraquat Mitigation Measures Approved by EPA
08/17/2018 Fumigant Training Offered Across Montana
08/01/2018 2018 Pest Management Tour Offers Last Chance Credit Opportunities for Private Pesticide Applicators Across Northwestern Montana
07/16/2018 2018 Pesticide Education Program Train-the-Trainer Update
07/10/2018 The Montana Pesticide Waste Disposal Program and 2018 Sites
07/03/2018 Agricultural Establishments should only use EPA Approved Expanded Worker Protection Standard Materials when Training Pesticide Workers or Handlers
05/08/2018 Decreasing Pesticide Impacts to Pollinators: Best Management Practices and FieldWatch
04/09/2018 Worker Protection Standard Training (WPS) across Montana
01/02/2018 Pesticide Applicators should be aware of new Worker Protection Standard Requirements as of January 1st, 2018
12/19/2017 Regional Pesticide Education Trainings Offered across Montana in 2018
11/08/2017 Last Chance Private Applicator Credit Opportunities offered in South-Central Montana
10/16/2017 New Requirements for Farmers using Dicamba Products on Dicamba Tolerant Soybeans
08/29/2017 2017 Pest Management Tour offers Last Chance Credit Opportunities for Private Pesticide Applicators across Southcentral MT
08/23/2017 Personal Protection Equipment and Paraquat
07/11/2017 Be Aware of the Montana Pesticide Disposal Program and 2017 Disposal Sites
06/28/2017 Pollinators and Pesticides: What you need to Know
05/26/2017 Montana State University Extension Pesticide Education Program Recognizes Two Trainers for Statewide Impacts
05/15/2017 EPA Requests Comments on Extending the Timeline for Pesticide Applicator Rule
02/08/2017 Regional Pesticide Education Trainings offered across Montana in 2017
02/03/2017 2017 Fumigation Training Tour for Fumigant Applicators across Montana
01/24/2017 Pesticide Poisonings and Future Pesticide Education Events
01/24/2017 EPA Finalizes New Pesticide Certification and Training Requirements for Restricted Use Pesticide Applicators
12/13/2016 Revised WPS Protections and Resources for Compliance
11/21/2016 Last Chance Private Applicator Credit Opportunities Offered in Eastern Montana
08/16/2016 2016 Pest Management Tour Offers Last Chance Credit Opportunities for Private Pesticide Applicators Across Eastern Montana
07/07/2016 Be Aware of the Montana Pesticide Disposal Program and 2016 Disposal Sites
06/15/2016 Many Reports of Plant Injury Due to Non-target Drift and Carryover
05/13/2016 MDA Vertebrate Pest Identification Key
04/11/2016 MSU Pesticide Education Program Update
03/21/2016 Rozol Ground Squirrel Bait Registered in Montana in 2016
02/03/2016 Fumigant Industry Survey
12/30/2015 EPA Extends Comment Period to January 22nd for Certification and Training Rule Changes
11/19/2015 30 Day Extension to New Pesticide Certification and Training Requirement Proposal
10/12/2015 New Expanded WPS Requirements
10/15/2015 Proposed Pesticide and Certification Training Requirements
08/19/2015 Discarding Empty Pesticide Containers & The Montana Pesticide Disposal Program
07/14/2015 Pest Management Tour offers credit opportunities for pesticide applicators across north-central MT
07/01/2015 MilestoneĀ® Receives a Supplemental Label for Off-Farm Distribution of Hay in Montana
05/06/2015 Thimet 20-G for Wheat Stem Sawfly Control
04/27/2015 Respiratory Protection of Increasing Concern: A Focus on Paraquat
02/10/2015 Regional Pesticide Education Training Opportunities Across Montana
12/05/2014 Parkinson's Disease and Pesticides: A New Montana Study
11/17/2014 Last Chance Opportunities in Montana
08/26/2014 2014 Pest Management Tour in South-Western Montana
08/21/2014 Discarding Empty Pesticide Containers & The Montana Pesticide Disposal Program
08/20/2014 Pesticide applicators & dealers need to be aware of PPE requirements.
05/13/2014 Pesticide Program Focused on Applying Pesticides on Tribal Land.  
04/09/2014 Three tips to spring pesticide applications.
03/092014 New Tribal Pesticide Certification
11/182013 IPM Technology Forum offered in Bozeman, MT
10/30/2013 Last Chance Private Applicator Credit Opportunities offered in North-Western Montana.
07/15/2013 Pest Management Tour in Northwestern Montana
07/01/2013 Bee Kill Reminds Applicators to Read and Follow the Pesticide Product Label
05/02/2013 Spring Tips for Calibrating Pesticide Equipment
04/23/2013 Bed Bug Awareness Week
01/01/2013 2013 Train the Trainer Update for Pesticide Educators.
10/29/2012 Last Chance Private Applicator Programs across South-Central Montana
07/14/2012 Applicators can once again use Rozol Prairie Dog bait.
08/15/2012 How to Properly Discard Empty Pesticide Containers
07/30/2012 Should I ingest or market a crop damaged by an off-label pesticide
07/19/2012 2012 Pest Management Tour offer credit opportunities across South-Central Montana.
06/16/2012 The Spill, Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Fact Sheet
05/25/2012 EPA Terminates uses of Products Containing Aldicarb.
04/24/2012 Be aware of pesticide product label restrictions prior to the distribution of Hay, Compost or Manure.
01/10/2012 Pesticide Contamination around the Home and Garden Website
12/16/2011 2012 Fumigation Tour across Northern Montana
12/23/2011 Last Chance Private Applicator Trainings in Eastern Montana
09/27/2011 Winterizing Spray Equipment and Cold Storage of Pesticides
09/02/2011 Imprelis Shouldn't be Used in Compost or Mulch
08/23/2011 2011 Pest Management Tour
08/22/2011 Cutting Viewed as Harvest in the Eyes of EPA
08/25/2011 Final Cancelation of Rozol Prairie Dog Bait
08/12/2011 Revocation of Imprelis Herbicide
07/15/2011 Update: Oil Spill along Yellowstone
07/13/2011 Turf applicators should be cautious when using 'Imprelis' herbicide
07/11/2011 Emergency exists along Yellowstone River from Oil Spill
04/09/2011 Good News for Farm Applicators: MPDES PERMITS
12/21/2010 Applicators using Fumigants should be aware of New Requirements
12/06/2010 Last Chance Programs for Applicators throughout Region 3
09/02/2010 2010 Pest Management Tour
07/09/2010 Applicators should be mindful of bees
07/09/2010 NPDES on Horizon in Montana
06/16/2010 EPA Announces New Restrictions on Phosphine Fumigants
05/27/2010 Tolerance Revocation of Maneb
03/15/2010 Carbofuran use on food crops not allowed
03/01/2010 Suspected pesticide poisonings raise concern over individuals not reading and following the pesticide product label
02/11/2010 Updated Spray Drift Language for Pyrethroid Agricultural Use Products. 
01/14/2010 Notice of Receipt of Request to Voluntarily Cancel the Pesticide 'Maneb Technical'
10/25/2009 Understanding Pesticides when Managing Mountain Pine Beetle Infestations
09/20/2009 EPA Announces Tolerance Revocation of Carbofuran on December 31st, 2009
09/03/2009 2009 Pest Management Tour offers Credit Opportunities throughout Southwestern Montana
06/12/2009 EPA's issues stay of NPDES Ruling
04/21/2009 EPA's 2006 Rule on Aquatic Pesticides Vacated
03/27/2009 Special Registrations on Tribal Lands
03/20/2009 Cancellation of Carbofuran
03/13/2009 Resale of verbenone illegal without a valid pesticide dealers license
01/11/2009 Are We Ready for a 2,4-D Ban?
12/21/2009 Voluntary Cancellation of Carbofuran Uses
09/23/2008 Pest Management Tour offers Credit Opportunities throughout Northwestern Montana
03/23/2008 Herbicide Update for 2008 (MSU Extension Croplands Weed Specialist)
08/07/2008 Label Recommendation for GardStar 40% EC Livestock and Premise Insecticide.
07/30/2008 Pet Owners Urged to Beware of Poisons this Time of Year
07/21/2008 NJ Man Blows up Apartment!
06/23/2008 EPA Mandates Safety Measures for Many Rodent Control Products to Protect Non-Targets
06/04/2008 Long-Term Pesticide Exposure May Increase Risk of Diabetes
05/29/2008 EPA Requires Safety Measures for Rodent-Control Products to Protect Children and Wildlife
05/22/2008 EPA Issues Emergency Order to Ensure Cleanup of Flathead Lake Gasoline Spill
04/21/2008 Billinigs/Laurel EPA Update
03/17/2008 Play it Safe with Pesticides
04/15/2008 Latest summary of EPA actions to ensure safe drinking water on Tribal land in Montana
04/15/2008 Latest summary of EPA actions to ensure safe drinking water for Montana residents
04/15/2008 Menards settles with EPA after destroying stretch of Big Sioux tributary
02/26/2008 Airborne contaminants study released. Measureable levels detected in 20 National Parks.
01/31/2008 Chronic Exposure from Low Doses of Common Agricultural Pesticides Linked to Future Health Problems
01/25/2008 Update to New Department of Homeland Security Chemical Guidelines
12/20/2007 Applicators Urged to Review New Department of Homeland Security Chemical Guidelines
10/30/2007 Pesticide Use Limitations with Endangered Species: New Website
10/30/2007 Cropland: Petition to Revoke All Registrations of the Pesticide Chlorpyrifos
07/31/2007 EPA may be sued over popular pesticide