Private applicators must be licensed prior to purchasing and using a pesticide designated by the Montana Department of Agriculture (MDA) as a restricted use pesticide. To become certified for the first time, an initial applicator has two options:

  1. Complete the 50 question open book Montana Private Applicator Certification Exam at their local extension office and pass it with a 70% or better.

  2. Attend a 7-hour training session and take an ungraded 50 question open book 'ungraded quiz'. These 7-hour sessions must adhere to criteria set forth for Initial Programs.

Agents should distribute a copy of the EPA Core Manual and Montana Addendum to any potential applicators wishing to qualify for certification. The agent will go over the exam with individuals who answered less than 70% of the questions correctly or they will go over the correct answers to the 'ungraded quiz' after completion by the applicators.

If an applicator allows their certification to lapse and they want to apply RUPs, they must take a closed book Montana Private Applicator Certification Exam within the 12 months after their license expired, or attend a 7-hour training session and take an ungraded 50 question ungraded quiz.

Two exam packets are available for agents to use. Exam A is to be used by only initial private applicators, while Exam B is to be used by applicators qualifying for recertification or ex-private applicators who allowed their certification to lapse. Each packet includes the answer key to the exam, an answer sheet, and the 50 question exam. To access these exams an agent needs Adobe Reader and the PAT password. 

Interactive TurningPoint Exam A

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  1. Presentations made with TP v8.0 or higher will not work on older versions of TP, however presentations made on older versions of TP should work within TP v8.0. 
  2. Always check to make sure the exam and response clickers work prior to using the test. 
  3. With the newer versions of TP you need to create a username and password. You have the ability to work on presentations without signing in, but you will need to sign-in to poll your audience. You can still sign-in if you do not have internet access.

Steps for a successful exam using TurningPoint.


 Upon successful completion of the certification exam

  1. The agent notes the exam score on the Application For A Farm Applicator Special Use Permit provided by the MDA. 
  2. The agent signs the application in the appropriate box.
  3. The agent gives the application to the applicator, who mails the application and fees to the MDA, or the agent collects the fee from the applicator and mails it with the application to the MDA.
  4. The applicator will then receive a permit in the mail and will be entered into the MDA private pesticide applicator database.