In 1983, MDA and Extension signed a memorandum-of-agreement in which Extension assists with Private Applicator Training (PAT).  In addition, all Extension personnel demonstrating, making recommendations, researching or supervising the use of pesticides, and/or conducting pesticide training are to be licensed (certified) as governmental applicators in the commercial applicator classification.  Under this agreement most county agents act as local PAT coordinators.  In a few cases other non-extension individuals are local PAT coordinators.  In addition, tribal extension agents also conduct PAT training often covering more than one county.
  • PAT programs are developed and conducted by PAT coordinators within each county or reservation.
  • County Extension agents are most often the PAT coordinators.  Sometimes, a county agent may act as the PAT coordinator for multiple counties.
  • Where there is no county agent available, other individuals may be PAT Coordinators upon approval by the Montana Department of Agriculture (MDA).
How can PAT coordinators use this webpage?

PAT coordinators may find this webpage useful. Links are located on the left hand side and are separated by:

  • PAT Information - general information on the PAT Program.
  • Educational Materials - including directions on credit requests, submitting attendees on epass, sign in sheets, special use permits, and breeze training sessions.
  • Materials - this includes information on each counties PAT county balances, certified applicator lists, exam packets, presentations, and videos.

Who is eligible to use private pesticide applicator fees?

Any county Extension office or those working under their delegated authority may utilize private pesticide applicator funds that are available to their respective county or counties.

How can I request pesticide applicator funds?

See detailed instructions by selecting 'Accessing PAT County Funds'.

The Regional Department Head will forward the approved BPA to Sandra Rahn-Gibson, Budget & Fiscal Director.

Upcoming Events

 The following events are offered by MSU PEP for PAT Coordinators.

Event Dates and Locations Info Fee Registration
2018 PAT Core Training 

February 21-23
Red Lion Inn
Billings, MT




Lodging and Other Information:

Red Lion Inn
(406) 248-7151
Group Rate ($93): Pest0218
Reserve by: 1/31/2018