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WPS Webinar: For Trainers of Owners of Ag. Establishments 

April 13
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2018 PSEP Update

November 14-15

Holiday Inn Express
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Bozeman, MT 59718
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PAT Coordinator Information & Resources

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Montana State University Extension has an agreement with the Montana Department of Agriculture (MDA) in which MSU Extension assists with Private Applicator Training (PAT). Under this agreement most county and tribal agents act as local PAT Coordinators. In a few cases other non-extension individuals act as PAT Coordinators. This page is designed for the use of Montana Pat Coordinators to assist them in coordinating PAT including licensing, educating, and accessing PAT resources.

PAT Coordinators are responsible for licensing private applicators in their counties and reservations, hosting pesticide education programs and assisting in the coordination of the PAT program. PAT Coordinators are expected to stay up-to-date on PAT and pesticide education updates by attending relevant programs and educational events.

All Extension personnel demonstrating, making recommendations, researching or supervising the use of pesticides, and/or conducting pesticide training are to be licensed as governmental applicators in the commercial applicator classification. Training and testing are provided by the MDA.

There are two ways for a private pesticide applicator to become licensed:

  1. Attend a seven-hour initial applicator training, or 
  2. Take the Montana Private Applicator Exam

Each applicator at time of licensing must have the EPA Core Manual and MT Addendum in their possession.

Applicators who wish to apply pesticides to tribal land must apply for a tribal permit in addition to obtaining their MT private applicator license. This application must be sent to the EPA.


Private applicator information is kept in a database by the MDA. Monthly detailed license reports and mailing labels (active and expired) are sent to PAT Coordinators. Use the license report along with the license search to lookup license numbers and credits. If changes need to be made to a private applicator's information please e-mail Dan Reimer at the MDA or call him at (406) 444-4900.

Private applicators must obtain six credits within their district's five-year recertification cycle or they may take the Montana Private Applicator Exam in the last year of the cycle (closed book, pass with 70%). Most applicators choose to attend events for pesticide education credits.

As a PAT Coordinator you are encouraged to put on pesticide education events. Each 50 minutes of relevant pesticide information is given one credit by the MDA up to six credits for an entire event.

Any county or tribal Extension office or those working under their delegated authority may utilize private pesticide applicator funds that are available to their respective county or counties.


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