Becoming Licensed

Private applicators must be licensed prior to purchasing and using restricted use pesticides (RUP). To become certified an applicator must either:

  1. Complete the Montana Private Applicator Certification Exam at your local Extension office, or
  2. Attend a Private Applicator Initial Training listed on this page.

For more information visit our Private Applicator Program page.

2020 Initial Training Details and Registration

The course list is updated as courses are approved. Please check back for more options.

2020 Initial Trainings
Date Location Host More Information
1/22/2020 Hingham Hill County Extension

Hingham Initial Program Information

2/24/2020 Fort Benton Chouteau County Extension

Fort Benton Initial Program Information

2/25/2020 Chester Liberty County Extension

Chester Initial Program Information

3/3/2020 Crow Agency Big Horn County Extension

Crow Agency Initial Program Information

3/11/2020 Great Falls Cascade County Extension

Great Falls Initial Program Information

3/17/2020 Scobey Daniels County Extension

Scobey Initial Program Information

3/26/2020 Missoula District 1 Extension Offices


4/8/2020 Ennis Maddison/Jefferson County Extension and MSU Pesticide Eduation Program

Ennis Initial Program Information

4/9/2020 Anaconda Deer Lodge County Extension and MSU Pesticide Education Program

Anaconda Initial Program Information

Training Materials

If you attend an Initial Private Applicator Training you will be provided the following materials at the time of the event. If you decide to take the exam you are required to have the following manuals prior to applying for a Montana Private Applicator Pesticide License. MSU PEP highly recommends purchasing and studying these materials in advance.