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Worker Protection Standards

     Pesticide Safety for Agricultural Workers (2016)
       Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative 18 min Español

     Pesticides in Forestry, A Workers' Guide to Safe Practices (2016) 
        Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative 17 min Español

     Pesticide Safety: Agricultural Workers 
       University of Idaho/EPA 17 min Español

     Pesticide Safety: Early Entry Workers and Pesticide Handlers  
       University of Idaho/EPA 16 min Español

     Management Considerations for Mixer and Loaders 
        University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension 26 min

     Pesticide Handlers and the Worker Protection Standard 
        Michigan State University/EPA 50 min Español

     WPS for Greenhouses & Nurseries 
         Iowa State University/EPA 33 min

     Chasing the Sun: WPS Training for Workers 
         National Migrant Resource Program, Inc/EPA 36 min

     WPS Train the Trainer 
          Iowa State Univerisy/EPA 87 min

    Reducing Pesticide Risks: An Interactive Program for Pesticide Handlers 
          University of California Davis/USDA CSREES) 50 min Español

    Protecting Yourself from Pesticide Hazards in the Work Place 
          University of California Davis/USDA CSREES) 32 min Español

    Protection From Pesticide Exposure 
          Washington State University 16 min Español

Laws, Labels and Regulations

      Elements of a Pesticide Label 
          Montana State University 12 min

Pesticide Safety

       An American Farm Tale: The Rea Farm Case Study 
           Rutgers University 45 min


      2010 Montana Calibration Videos (Six 10-min sessions)
           Various 60 min

Pesticide Contamination in Garden

    2012 Herbicide Damage in the Garden, Part 1-3 
            Various 20 min